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“Advanced Sci-Fi Vehicle Model Making” all day class at Jerseyfest Academy


The above model was beautifully built by artist Jason Eaton!

There is still time to register for the “Advanced Sci-Fi Vehicle Model Making” all day class at Jerseyfest Academy on September 13th...

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FULLY OPERATIONAL Probe Droid by Jason Eaton

This is the piece of the day! Even famed artist Jason Eaton stated to me that he is extremely proud of this build he just completed! The Probe Droid as seen in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back! This ...

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Introducing TITAN Models & Memorabilia

Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic is honored to announce TITAN Models & Memorabilia!… A new company launch within the art form that will enhance everything we know! And they want to make what YOU want! C...

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CAPRICOM – A Rag Tag Fleet Custom Build by Jason Eaton

I remember when Jason first started this fantastic custom build...

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Blade Runner BLIMP scratch build by Jason Eaton

Jason Eaton is one of those artist’s names that is known for quality...

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31 Inch Viper by Jason Eaton now in the Collection of Hector Rosales


We all know not very many of these 31 inch Vipers exist...

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SOLD!! HUGE at 31 inches!! 1:12 Colonial Viper by Jason Eaton





$2,500 U.S.

Plus Custom Crating and Freight Shipping.

31 inches HUGE at 1:12 Scale!!

Built by famed Artist


Sitting at approximately 20 pounds,...

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Maschinen Krieger Tornado – Winter Version by Jason Eaton

Another fantastic Ma.K. build by industry famed artist Jason Eaton. Jason’s attention to fine details of these pieces is amazing! I would very much like to show more in this category...

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Studio Scale Empire Strikes Back AT-ST built by Jason Eaton

Built for a client back in 2010 to resemble the actual stop motion filming model used in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, famed artist Jason Eaton again shows us a build that truly lets one know w...

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Battlestar Galactica Advanced Cylon Raider by Jason Eaton

I thought the first Cylon Raider was fantastic that was designed for the 2003 series Battlestar Galactica, but then a few seasons later they made an “Advanced” Raider…...

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