Vulcan Shuttle SURAK by Brett Burke

I have the honor of introducing another fine artist to this gallery…. Brett Burke! For the first showing is this AMT Vulcan Shuttle as seen in Star Trek The Motion Picture. I am looking forward to showing more from this artist.

Here is what Brett has to say…

Here are some photos of the Star Trek Vulcan Shuttle Surak that I did last year. The Vulcan shuttle here is the recently redistributed kit from AMT with the minor corrections to the original. I used airbrush, acrylics and colored pencils to help capture as close as possible to the original studio model colors. The base is also airbrushed using acrylics with a fine paint brush. The intent of the base was to share the theme of the V’Ger probes electricity. It was a fun kit to build and its one of my personal favorites.


Thank you!


Brett Burke


Vulcan Shuttle Surak 001

Vulcan Shuttle Surak 003

Vulcan Shuttle Surak 011

Vulcan Shuttle Surak 012

Vulcan Shuttle Surak 014

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