UPDATE!!! Building the Studio Scale GAL 356 by Charles Adams and Richard Lindstrom

The guys are back with this fantastic update to the GAL-356 Shuttle build!!! Check it out!!!



The first model is almost ready for priming and final delivery. The second and third models still have a ways to go.

The cockpit windows and removable cockpit roof may be the most complicated and tricky part of the entire build. Just like the original, the entire roof comes off with the windows attached. In 1978, they were made up of two layers of very thin styrene. Ours are built the same way. We had to come up with several “tricks” though to add stiffness and increase the structural integrity of the assembly. It turned out remarkably well.

Unlike the original, this model has a detailed cockpit and even the inside of the roof is detailed to match the interior set built for the show. It will be fully illuminated as well. This created enormous challenges in terms of gaining access to install and service the lights. We had to come up with a totally unique way of attaching the
assembly to the rest of the ship. It mounts using magnets and screws. The screws are hidden underneath what was the “front mount cover” on the original studio miniature.

The center portion of the roof is also removable (unlike the original). This allows greater access to the inside of the model. To take advantage of this feature, I designed a separate interior “rear compartment” behind the main cockpit and passenger area. On the show, there was a rear hatch at the back of the set on what would be the port side of the ship. In the pilot episode, this doorway led to a separate area that was just barely visible on screen. (In later episodes, this same hatch would seem to lead directly outside the ship!)

This replica is the only model I know of that has anything like this. So far, we’ve successfully built out the structure and details of our rear compartment and test fitted everything inside the model.



TOS BSG Shuttle –Exterior Details: Front Mount Cover

TOS BSG Shuttle — Interior Details: Rear Compartment


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