The Polar Lights 1/350 TOS Enterprise by Starfleet Model Academy

I have the pleasure of introducing another great talent to Modeler Magic! Artist Wally Pasternak of the Starfleet Model Academy! As you can see from the build below, talent is something they do not lack. I especially enjoy viewing the Shuttle launching from the Enterprise’s shuttle bay! Fantastic work!

Of note: The Starfleet Model Academy provides excellent TUTORIALS via their YOUTUBE Channel that you may visit by clicking the YouTube Logo toward the bottom of this page.


The Polar Lights 1/350 TOS Enterprise, everyone has built the Vintage 1968 S951 model, but when a 1/350 was put on the market it was a no brainer. The entire model is painted with Folk Art acrylic paints with an airbrush, I used a 60/40 mix with window cleaner. Lighting the bussards is done with Tenacontrol lighting boards available on our web site, they are variable speed and silent. The hull lighting started with the polar lights lighting kit but plenty of mods had to be done to the lighting kit due to the poor design of it. All markings on the ship are painted using orbital Dry Dock masks NO DECALS were used on the kit. All the panel lines were removed from the saucer and replaced with light pencil lines to mimic the studio model also the paint colors were also researched to the correct colors, opposed to the box art color calls. To complete the ship I built a custom base with lights and sound. The entire build took around a month and a half.












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Wally Pasternak


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