“The End of the Road” – Diorama by Steve Blanes

Artist Steve Blanes returns with this great diorama!


I call this Diorama “The end of the road”
The Tomahawk and VF-1 are 1/144 scale, I used 1/160 Scale men. I’m happy with the result still. I had a left over Super VF-1S that was damaged a few years back. With pieces missing and parts snapped I had a Idea for a Diorama. A Vf-1 Super Forced to enter the atmosphere. The pilot chose to risk not ejecting the SUPER pack as war parts were few and far between. He happened upon an old highway where a Tomahawk and a Phalanx were getting supplied. The Tomahawk and Vf-1 have met up here, both suffering battle damage and overuse. Still…the battle rages on somewhere…

the end of the road 013


“White Tiger”

Steve Blanes

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