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Psychoroide Turtle from “COBRA” the Animated Series – WIP by Laurent Perini

French artist Laurent Perini is showing us a preview of what is to come! This artist’s scratch building skills are among the best!

This is my new project, the Turtle/Psychoroide from the animated seri...

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1:350 Frigate by Laurent Perini

Laurent Perini


1:350 Frigate


This scratch built creation is fantastic and very Star Wars-like! French artist Laurent Perini has come through once again with another beautiful creation!

I pre...

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1 Meter Star Wars – Johnston Concept Falcon/Runner by Laurent Perini

French artist Laurent Perini returns with this amazing build of the Joe Johnston version of the Millennium Falcon before it became the Rebel Blockade Runner! Absolutely beautiful!!





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HUGE 1 Meter Long Science Vessel from Laurent Perini

Artist of France’s Studio Scale Federation, famed Laurent Perini shows us again some amazing work and creativity! The Bio area and Atrium is simply fantastic! I love this artist’s work!







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A New Spaceship Realization by Laurent Perini

Once again artist Laurent Perini, has come forward with a fantastic custom design for science fiction! This piece is beautiful in detail and form!

To view more on this build, click the VIEW MORE Butto...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:35 SF Part Accessories from L. Perini



SF Part Accessories


Laurent Perini

These are accessory part and pieces for 1:35 SF modeling...

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Fantastic Ian McQue Futuristic Design Scratch Built by Laurent Perini

the-la10 (1)

This fantastic piece was hand crafted by the amazing Laurent Perini of France! Utilizing the fantastic design of Ian McQue, Laurent made this piece as if it could be a filming miniature today...

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Fantastic “Blockade Runner” Type Craft by Laurent Perini

Showing today is artist Laurent Perini! This excellent piece very much reminds me of the Star Wars Blockade Runner with it’s large engine block… as well as the Millennium Falcon with it’s gun ...

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