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ALIENS Drop Ship – Scratch Built by Guillermo Centeno

Famed artist Guillermo Centeno has returned with yet another amazing scratch build… the Drop Ship from the sequel film ALIENS! This design has always been one of my favorites and Guillermo really did ...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:140 (20 Inch) The Neb – Mk II Hovercraft Version from TRIFON Miniatures






The Neb – Mk II hovercraft Version

*Kit Producer: TRIFON Miniatures neb_f7
*Kit Scale: 1:140 – 20 inches
*Kit Materials: Resin kit
*Number of Pieces: 90
*Kit Price: USD $350...

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3 Foot Nebuchadnezzar by Guillermo Centeno

Guillermo Centeno is back again with this amazing, scratch built, THREE foot Nebuchadnezzar from The Matirx! The detail work on this is fantastic, as is the lighting....

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1:140 (20 inch) Nebuchadnezzar from Guillermo Centeno

Here is another great piece from Master Model Maker Guillermo Centeno! Straight from the hit movie, he has made a kit of the Nebuchadnezzar! At 20 inches long, this piece is quite nice and even featur...

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