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SPECIAL OFFER!!! CYLON Helmet & Full Body Armor from KROPSERKEL



Opportunity to save on a Cylon purchase for 2015!!

1978 Battlestar Galactica

CYLON Full Body Armor



Visit KROPSERKEL by clicking the Banner Link above.

If you’ve ever dreamed o...
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“Tanker Encounter” – Composite Art by Peter Noble

Professional artist Peter Noble again captured a moment of Galactica perfectly! To me, this looks like a screen shot! We see the Cylon Tankers emerging from the cloud barrier as Apollo and Zak fly by ...

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Little Frakkin’ Toasters Classic Chrome Centurion from QMX!!

Chrome is The New Black

Standing a gleaming six inches tall (not including his upraised rifle or pentagonal base), the Little Frakkin’ Toasters Classic Cylon Centurion is cast in resin and beau...

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