T-47 Snowspeeder by Stuart Godwin

For the second time today I have the great honor of introducing another artist to our Gallery. Mr. Stuart Godwin. I first ran across Stuart’s work when he visited this Gallery’s FaceBook sister site page. I clicked on his link and there this was…. a beautiful build of the T-47 Snowspeeder from Star Wars  – The Empire Strikes Back! That, plus some other great piece we will eventually have the honor of showing. Using most of the kit as it is, Stuart also replaced pieces with parts that he made more accurate with machining processes that he has shown in the photos below. The detail he added is very nice! I am very much looking forward to showing more of the artists works.

To contact artist Stuart Godwin direct, please click HERE.

SnowSpeeder Model 001

SnowSpeeder Model 002

SnowSpeeder Model 003

SnowSpeeder Model 004

SnowSpeeder Model 005

SnowSpeeder Model 006

SnowSpeeder Model 007

SnowSpeeder Model 008

SnowSpeeder Model 010

To view some of the great build photos shown below… simply click on the photos thumbnails.

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