Studio Scale X-Wing Fighter built by Sean Sides


This beautiful piece was built from the old Captain Cardboard X-Wing Kit released by my friend Scott Alexander of Atomic City Models years ago. Since then, the masters have been sold to another friend, Mike Salzo, of whom re-patterned it twice! Mike then made the V2 kit, and then (along with Morten Moeslund) patterned a more accurate V3 X-Wing Kit. In any case, Sean built this V1 back in 2003 and had this to say…

April 24, 2003. The Model is finally DONE!! Please keep in mind, this is a model of the “FX Filming Miniature Replica.” Therefore, there is no “window” and the details are designed to reflect an actual studio model, not a model of an X-Wing. There are more than 70 parts to this model! The model is about 2 feet long and weighs nearly 5lbs. The molding quality is absolutely amazing. Crisp and clean. The ‘ruler’ in the “parts” picture is 18″ to give you a sense of scale.

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