Studio Scale Viper in Launch Tube built by Sean Sides


This has to be one of the most unique display ideas I have seen done with the Colonial Viper. You can well see what I am speaking of in the gallery photos.

Here is what Sean Sides of Square Models had to say of his build of this Monsters In Motion Kit…

The Colonial Viper from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. This is one of the coolest ships ever made as far as I am concerned. I have taken the Studio Scale Resin kit from Monsters in Motion and created my own custom, scratch built launch tube. I ordered an additional base from MIM, making it three sections long. Then I created the round openings where the viper slides through out of sheet styrene. I used several freeze frames from the DVD for accuracy. I then made a small back ‘wall’ also out of sheet styrene. I didn’t want this to be too large so you could look straight down on the viper, but you still get the effect. I then used some spare parts from tanks, citadel scenery and even a Chevy 350 engine kit to make the raised surface details. I used brass rod tubing for the pipes. Overall, I think the effect came out pretty well. This is a large and impressive kit.

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