Studio Scale V2 TOS Colonial Viper Kit mastered by Mike Salzo & Mike Reis

Over the years the collectors have had to deal with generational casting ‘shrinkage’ for kits that were cast again and again starting with an original ‘PYRO’ model from the movie and television show Battlestar Galactica. Now, for the first time ever, the pattern maker team of Mike Salzo and Mike Reis made the perfect Studio Scale Colonial Viper. Exact in every detail to the original ‘HERO’ models, and full sized mock-ups used in filming.

These kits are highly sought and sell for:

$225 U.S. plus shipping – with no lighting

$240 U.S. plus shipping – with lighting

Shipping WITHIN the United States is $13 U.S.

Shipping OUTSIDE the United States is $34 U.S.

For inquiries of this kit’s availability, and to order, please click the banner link below…


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