Studio Scale TIE Fighter by Mark Swilley

I have the honor of again introducing another fantastic artist to this Gallery… modeler Mark Swilley! Using the fantastic studio scale kit mastered by Cory Harvey (SEEN HERE), and sold by Monkey Works, modeler Mark Swilley did amazing work in his build of this fantastic piece! His choice of color is right on the money to the original studio models used in the filming even though they “look” Grey on screen. I love the way he lit the cockpit with the subtle red glow along with his twin ION engine lights! A beautiful job from modeler Mark Swilley! We look forward to showing more of his work in the near future!


To contact modeler Mark Swilley direct, please click on his name anywhere on this page.

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This kit is light-able!! You can purchase a light kit through VooDooFX by clicking the banner below:


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