Studio Scale RED 3 by Mark Swilley

This is only the second showing of master artist Mark Swilley and I am already impressed with his work! This studio scale RED 3 X-wing  is another from the fantastic MSLZ22 Models kits that are currently our of production. Mark’s interpretation of this Red 3 is beautiful! I especially love his weathering on this piece! Another fantastic piece from artist Mark Swilley!


To contact modeler Mark Swilley direct, please click on his name anywhere on this page.

CURRENTLY The V3 Studio X-Wing Kit is UNAVAILABLE. For inquiries into this kit might be available again from MSLZ22 Models, please click the banner link below…


This kit is light-able!! You can purchase a light kit through VooDooFX by clicking the banner below:


Need a CUSTOM Plaque for your New Piece? Contact Kevin Hinson with inquiry into making your own custom plaque, or have some created for you, please click his banner link below…


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