Studio Scale PICON MARU Rag Tag Ship mastered by Sean Sides

ANOTHER great scratch build by my friend, and professional modeler Sean Sides (of Square Models)!

Here is what Sean had to say…

This is intended to represent a rag tag ship amongst the 220 ships in the fleet from the original Battlestar Galactica. It is a studio scale scratchbuild, and goes along with the Colonial Movers, Livery Ship and the Galactica replica.

Her name is the “PICON MARU”. (thanks to Ryan for the naming help!)

The design is basically the “Astral Queen/Prison Barge”, but while I was building it after that, I decided to go off on my own and make some modifications and a somewhat ‘original’ ship.

On the top of the saucer is the Picon colony symbol. I thought it’d be fun to put that on there and go off on a different color. I also made up my own ‘text’ on the side of the ship.

This will be the last Studio Scale rag tag ship to join my fleet for a while. I’m taking a break and gonna work on some kits I haven’t touched in a while.

I also had to do a little picture ‘collage’ of the ships in a starfield background, that was fun!



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