Studio Scale Battlestar Galactica mastered by Marc Elkins

The studio scale Battlestar Galactica. A model that is so difficult to get correct dimension of, and kit bash parts for… not to mention how expensive it is to make! And yet a select group of people have successfully done so around the world. This group is so small that it could be a select club! Marc is one of the artists who built his years ago… way before I was able to buy the rights to, and show the physical models photos to all modelers. He built his by watching the series, looking at and reading magazine articles on the filming miniature that is now owned, and well taken care of by Mr Gary Cannavo. Though Marc’s is not part for part accurate, it is a fantastic representation of great modeling BEFORE reference was available… and back when imagination was at it’s top form. Marc even took the liberty of placing, in the starboard landing bay pod, and new idea that was only seen on a Star destroyer before now. An under belly docking area! I love this addition! It shows what possibilities may have shown themselves had that series continued in the late 70’s. Beautifully done!

These photos were taken during a visit I made to see Marc’s modeling works! I am not hard to spot…. I am the big guy with the cheesy grin of excitement on my face! Marc showed me a fantastic display of great art!



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