Studio Scale AT-ST by CODE 3

This all metal studio scale model was once created by Code 3 Collectibles. It was done very well with the exception of a properly weathered paint job. It has a removable hatch on it’s right side to show the cockpit interior and it’s pilots, and also has a removable hatch on top… all magnetic! The head moves right to left and the weapons are positionable as well. A very fine piece indeed!

Of note, it has been widely thought that this Code 3 model was not studio scale. In measuring it with other studio scale models of the same type, I can verify that it is.

I will soon be placing this in the hands of master modeler R.L. Bleecker for a complete re-paint to be more accurate with weathering from planetary use in battle. I will then take more photos of it for display.

MMM Gallery/Museum Appraised at $2,500 U.S.


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