Studio Scale (6 Foot) TANTIVE IV Blockade Runner by Lasse Henning & Son

This entire showing makes me proud. Not only is the piece being created by master modeler Lasse Henning… but by his Son as well! The skills that this family has proven is simply amazing! Looking at this Tantive in studio scale, that they are building together, I just can’t help except to be in AWE! While still in progress, it is certainly a beautiful site. Even better, Lasse is the purist of artist that builds from scratch…. and not with pre-made kit parts. He is an absolute master of this craft. Lasse informs me this will be the only studio scale Tantive he will build…. and that it is for his own collection. I am very proud of Lasse for that. One hardly sees artists of this caliber build for themselves, but I do think it may becoming a new trend for that to happen. And a great trend that is! Join me in viewing Lasse Henning and his Son’s progress for this fantastic studio scale build by viewing their site HERE. A beautiful piece by Lasse Henning and Son!


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To continue to view Lasse Henning‘s and his Son’s fantastic studio scale build of this Tantive IV Blockade Runner, please click HERE.

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