Studio Scale (11 Foot) TOS Enterprise 1701 by Wasili Angelopoulos

Artist Wasili Angelopoulos is at it again with his next studio scale replica creation… the 11 foot Enterprise from the original 1966 series Star Trek!! This beast is HUGE!!


Hey guys and gals,

While machining parts for a certain turret, and tying up loose ends on older projects, i thought it time to take it up a notch.

As i have access to a large cnc machine at work, creating larger parts based on my 3d files has never been more easier. While researching my ever favorite 11ft Enterprise, i actually came up with my own set of drawings, and have been refining them. Something that will continue for the next few months.

To get a feel for its size, handling and mechanics, I made a quick mockup from 9mm thick MDF. It’s just the secondary hull and its nacelles, but fun nonetheless. All master patterns/parts for the final model will be foam and resins.

I goofed up while machining the port nacelle, so go easy on me 😉

Thanx for looking.


Wasili - TOS E - wip 001

Wasili - TOS E - wip 002


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Wasili Angelopoulos



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