Stop Motion Luke on Tauntaun Replica from Guy Cowen & Jim Davidson

What can I say about this “IN WORKS” project of Guy Cowen & Jim Davidson’s, except… I am Jealous! This piece is going to be an exact replica of the original used in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back! The artist (Jim Davidson) that is doing this piece for Guy is Fantastic!

Here is what Guy has to say…

I have recently decided to treat myself to a very special piece for my collection. I’ve commissioned a replica of the Luke on Taun Taun stop motion puppet from The Empire Strikes back. A lot of great people here had helped me out & given great support & advice. I have eventually decided to go with one person to do the hole project for me.

It wont be an uber replica but it has a high budget in my opinion & will look pretty damn nice when finished. It will be fully posable with the exception of the mouth & fingers. The Taun is 14 inch tall & the Luke will be 9 inch tall. Both will have detail from the miniature & the full scale prop so it will be a slight hybrid of the two. My intention is to have an amazing & unique piece for display. The Armature is 90% completed for the Taun & the sculpt will be starting next week. There is a possibility of a small run of 10 of these when it is completed but they wont be a kit or cheap.

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