Steve Eggers – 3D Printed 1/29 Y-Wing “Red 4” Build

Here is my 3D Printed Y-Wing “Red 4” from Sci-Fi Studio Scale Modellers.

I recently purchased and downloaded a 3D model from Sci-Fi Scale Modellers.

What you see is printed on both a Form3 and EPAX X1 SLA 3D printer.

Overall, the detail is very well represented. There are options to print the model as a blank canvas and print/attach all the greeblies similar to ILM or print each part as complete assemblies. I opted to print each part complete.Wing 3D SLA Printed Model Kit.

This is version 2 of the 3D model. A version 3 is available with changes in some detail parts and parts break down.


Steve Eggers




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