STARBUCK’s VIPER – A Salzo/Reis Studio Scale V2 Kit built by R.L. Bleecker

Boomer: “Just keep it up, old buddy, you’re going to get us into real trouble.

Starbuck: “Ten thousand light years from nowhere, our planet shot to pieces, people starving, and *I’m* gonna get us in trouble?”


Apollo: “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

Starbuck: “No… not really.”


Starbuck“You have no sense of values beyond your own survival?”

Cy: “I exist that the Cylon empire may grow and organize the universe.”

Starbuck: “Well, what are you going to do with the universe once you have it… organized?”

[the Cylon cannot answer]

Starbuck: “Hello?! I didn’t hear an answer. What are you going to DO with the universe once you have it organized?!”

Cy: “I don’t recall anyone ever asking that question.”


Starbuck: “What if we miss a mine?”

Boomer: “One of us will be the first to know.”


Starbuck: “You certainly have a way of cutting through the felgercarb.”

CLASSIC STARBUCK!!!  You can’t help except to like him!

And with this fine piece, built by R.L. Bleecker from the Mike Salzo and Mike Reis studio scale kit, we see yet another of Starbucks great traits… putting his Viper through the tests of battle!

R.L. Bleecker masterfully captured this model after Starbuck was severely shot up. His undercarriage gone, and his cockpit paneling fried, Starbuck jokingly trys to work it out with Boomer checking out the damage from below. A Classic scene with a classic pilot who always finds himself in trouble.


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