GIFTED!! Star Trek TNG Prop “Ligonian Glave”, Now in the Hector Rosales Collection

Now in the collection of Hector Rosales!

This piece was used by actress Denise Crosby in Star Trek The Next Generations first season episode “Code of Honor”. In the episode, Denise’s character Tasha Yar (head of security on the Enterprise 1701-D) was caught in a challenge to the death using this fashioned weapon. It apparently was to have poison on the spines.

Upon Tasha Yar’s death toward the end of season 1 of The Next Generation, this weapon then resided with Worf (Michael Dorn) who then became head of the 1701-D’s security. He kept this piece along with other weapons on his table under his hanging swords and Bat’Leths. They continued to stay with his character until the end of Deep Space Nine, and the TNG Films at which time all props went to various people for storage, or just plain trashed.

Modeler Magic Gallery Appraisal of $3,500


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