Star Trek TMP Dry Dock Studio Model Restored by Ed Miarecki for the Adam Schneider Collection

I was contact by a friend of mine the other day, Dan (aka OylPslyk on the boards), regarding this beautiful studio model restoration… once again done by professional modeler, and industry known Ed Miarecki of Ed Miarecki Designs! Dan was contacted by the owner (Adam Schneider) of this great studio model, as well as many of the original studio models of Star Trek that were auctioned by Christie’s this past year. Adam’s Collection is quite impressive and can be seen on his Star Trek Site HERE. I must say that I am both envious and pleased to know this piece was treated with such respect, and that it is in great hands of Adam! Here today we were given the great honor by Adam of showing this magnificent piece finished, during restoration, and pre-restoration. In some of the photos you will see a Studio Model 1701 inside the Dock as seen in TMP. That model originally began as the Phase II Enterprise from the series that never came about, but turned into TMP version. Notice the larger bridge and sensor domes on top, and underneath the saucer sections as well as the closer nacelles that were left from the Phase II Enterprise used. Mr. Miarecki also is responsible for it’s conversion to the close looks of TMP Enterprise 1701! Outstanding works indeed! I thank Adam for giving us this great honor, Ed for doing his usual excellent work, and Dan for setting this up for us all! Thank you gentlemen!

Of note… I was just informed from my friend Scott Schneider (of New Deal Studios) that the original builder of this fantastic piece for 1979’s Star Trek TMP, Master Model Maker Russ Simpson has recently passed and he was never able to see it in it’s restored condition. This restoration is a tribute to his work in the industry. He will be missed.

Without further babble from me… here is the beautiful, and gigantic TMP Space Dock from the Adam Schneider Collection!


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