Star Destroyer AVENGER Studio Model

When Star Wars became such a success, and the opening of the film talked about so much, ILM and George Lucas decided to take the menacing Star Destroyer to a new level with AVENGER in the sequel The Empire Strikes Back! Here are some great photos gathered by different people from around the internet. I believe some may have come from Web Catz. Whomever you are that actually took these photos in the public arena they are seen, I thank you for doing so and placing them on the internet for all to appreciate.

A quick story about this model as told to me by one of my ILM friends. During the world tours, the studio models sometimes get sent back to the studio to be fixed from all their travels. During one such event, my friend was present and uncrated the 8 foot long AVENGER to help repair it where needed. Of course this is a model that exudes excitement for all fans of modeling and Star Wars alike, so the shop guys decided to take a joke photo of one shop guy getting stuck in the eye with the rather pointed end of AVENGER. While doing so, large chuck of parts began to fall off! Knowing this model is a major part of film history, the guys began to panic a bit, but managed to glue the parts being the pro-modelers they are. The following day, one of the department heads came in and began playing (touching) with that very same spot on the tip…. and all the parts fell off again! Of course… ALL the blame went toward the department head after that! Needless to say… all is fixed now due to their talents, but they do have a few more stories to tell of that beast of a model.

Without further delay, here is the Star Destroyer AVENGER.


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