“Space Seed” Composite Art by R.L. Bleecker

SPACE SEED. We all know the Star Trek episode that introduced Khan Noonian Singh! After escaping the Eugenic Wars in the late 1990’s on Earth, Khan and his genetically perfect followers set out into deep space, frozen for a time that they would revive themselves and conquer the known universe! Of course… Captain James T. Kirk would have other ideas for them and their menacing ways.

Here you see the U.S.S. Enterprise approaching the adrift S.S. Botany Bay… the sleeper ship that Khan used for his escape.

Using the blue screen photos of the MR 1701 and the Atomic City half studio scale Botany Bay, that Mr. Bleecker himself built for the collection, master artist R.L. Bleecker brought this scene to life as we have never before seen it!

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