Space Clipper “Pan Am” Orion by Warren Zoell

Here is another fantastic build by Canadian artist Warren Zoell. This piece is not only beautiful, but one of my favorite designs from the film 2001 A Space Odyssey. Beautiful work! Warren tells of this being from Lunar models, but now an even more accurate kit with a smooth hull is offered by MOEBIUS Models. See that kit HERE.

This is what Warren has to tell of this piece…

Here are some images plus composites of Lunar Models Orion III Space Clipper from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Two feet long scale unknown. Like a lot of resin cast kits this thing is solid and heavy. Resin kits require a bit of preparation before being built and painted. Before assembly there are often plenty micro bubbles that require filling and sanding plus a good rub down with Easyoff is necessary otherwise the paint will will not adhere to the surface. Lunar Models was one of the few model kit manufactures that produced 2001 models as well as a whole host of other models from movie and television history. They even made a Time Tunnel and a three foot Seaview. Remember those shows? It is unfortunate but from what I can tell Lunar Models seems to no longer exist. However I am sure that the molds still do. So who knows perhaps we will see these models reappear again someday.
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Warren Zoell

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earth and orion

Orion fly under

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