About 40 years ago, I completed the 1:43 X-WING FIGHTER from MPC.

A few years ago, the cockpit dropped out, so I disassembled it and fixed it (Ver 1.1).

After that, I corrected other mistakes I was aware of to bring it up to a final version (Ver 2.0).

Most of the corrections are made except for the engine nozzle, and the main points are described below.

1. fuselage shape

 a) A dent under the cockpit

 b) The slope from the nose cone to the rear of the cockpit

 c) Width behind the cockpit

 d) Bulk head shape

2. Change of wing shape

a) Change to a shape closer to a trapezoid

b) Change the inner notch window

c) Change engine housing

3. Hide the gap between the wing and fuselage when the S foil is closed

A block that fills the gap with each wing is installed inside the fuselage, and when the S foil opens, this block comes off, and when the S foil closes, the block rises again by the magnet.

4. Panel mounting to cover the S foil armature

Each cover was attached near the armature of the S foil with a thin plastic plate and a magnet.

5. Create a new laser cannon

a) I made a new laser cannon with a brass pipe, but it is a little heavier, so the wings are bent.

b) It is sometimes pointed out that the base of the laser cannon in this kit is small, but this is because the assembly position is slightly behind, so I shifted forward. The kit’s laser cannon has two support points, but the correct number is three, so I created a new one.

6. Changed the stand support to accommodate the rear of the fuselage

Since the display stand can be supported at the rear of the fuselage to give more freedom in the display posture, a hole was made in the shaft of the S foil and an aluminum wire stand was attached.

7. Impressions after modification is completed

At the time of release, I thought that the accuracy of this kit was average, but later, when a lot of information became available, the bad points became obvious.

It was a pity that MPC and AMT / ERTL followed the shape of this kit on each scale.

I think many mistakes are due to lack of information. The strangeness of the bulkhead discourages remodeling. Because it is also necessary to change the fuselage shape (although I dared to do it).

I think the cause of this mistake was probably an upside-down photo in the X-WING material given to the designer. I have seen such pictures.

I would like to commend the designers who commercialized this kit with limited information.

As far as I know about the shape and painting, this modification is as close as possible to the studio model (I regret that I didn’t work on lighting).

thank you for reading


Shigeki “Jpress” Kano


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