Sean Lam’s ICONS X-Wing Re-Paint

The ICONS X-Wing pretty much started it all for this entire community! WE LOVE THEM!! That stated, their paint jobs were a bit challenged as noted by Sean, but as you can see, he managed to bring his model to life! A beautiful paint job Sean!


Thank you for your wonderful site! You see, I have had this old Icons bird with me since 1996. As much as I
love the cast, I was never impressed with the paint job. Realizing after all these years that I’m probably never going to part with it, I figured that it’d be fun thing to do to give it a fresh coat of paint and some proper weathering.

I’m not a professional model maker and am useless with the airbrush, but the great thing about the X-wing is that it’s pretty much all about how beat up you can make it look. Thanks to your site, I was able to achieve the look I always thought the icons model deserved. Therefore, I would like to show my X-wing (no.0863) on your site. One for the Icons X-wing owners if anything.

Warmest regards from sunny Singapore,
Sean Lam










Sean Lam

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