SCIENCE FICTION – Short Film Promo by Scott Alexander and Rick Ingalsbe

Years in the writing is a fantastic script written by our own Scott Alexander based on a classic vision of great film making. The script is called SCIENCE FICTION, and after reading it, I must tell you I am very much wanting this to be made into the film it should be. Before Scott became known Captain Cardboard (a name given to him by those he worked with in Hollywood), or even his now Atomic City name, he was working on some of the largest budget, successful films ever made, not to mention writing a few of his own that we have all seen the theaters. This one is just another screaming to be made. This short Promo was done as a preview to a much longer Promo that will soon be made that may inspire those who wish to make such a film. The talents of Scott Alexander, accompanied by that of industry artist Rick Ingalsbe were involved in creating this Promo. If you wish to know more, contact Scott by clicking his contact button below. Enjoy!




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Scott Alexander


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