ROTJ 41 Inch Blockade Runner by Daniel Beck

Artist Daniel Beck has been busy building this beautiful Chris Kelley kit of the Return of the Jedi Blockade Runner! This piece is absolutely beautiful with full interiors scratch built for this piece, and fantastic lighting to boot! Nicely done Daniel!


I had the great pleasure to build the Chris Kelly Blockade Runner for an Client and finally it is done. There are more than 275 LEDs to light the engines up. These are seperated to an inner ring (Yellow) and an outer ring (Orange). Every engine has it’s own Random Thruster Effect. I built an interior for every window with chairs, beds, wall pictures and wood, and I spent extra time in building the details and displays for the cockpit. Every fragile part is connected with magnets. On one side of the ship there is another Docking Port hidden behind an magnetic gun for mounting the model on a wall or something.





Beauty Shots

Detail Shots

Interior Detail Shots


Daniel Beck

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