“Romulan Patrol” Composite Art by Andrew Creighton

Floating in the quite of space, just waiting for anything foreign to cross over the Neutral Zone, lay the deadly Romulan Bird of Prey. Now armed with the newest Romulan technology, plasma torpedoes, and her new cloak capabilities, it is obvious that anyone that dare to challenge the great Romulan Empire will be swiftly dispatched into oblivion without even knowing who hit them.

Romulan Patrol

This beautiful piece was created by master artist Andrew Creighton with using the blue screen photos (SEEN HERE) of the fantastic 1:350 Romulan Bird of Prey by Sovereign Replicas.

To contact professional artist Andrew Creighton direct, please click on his name anywhere on this page, or on the banner below…

To contact professional modeler Richard Long direct, please click on his name anywhere you read it on this page. To view more of this Romulan Bird of Prey, please visit his site, Sovereign Replicas by clicking on the banner below…


The Blue Screen Photos were taken with a Canon REBEL XTi by Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global Inc. utilizing the industry filming blue screen back drop sold by eefx.com.

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