“Pursued from BESPIN” Composite Art by Peter Noble

As the Rebel Pilot of Blue 7 streaks away from Bespin, the Cloud City, he suddenly notices and rather large shadow on the puffy cloud cover beneath him. Before he can turn his head two green plasma lasers streak past his cockpit and rock is old T-65 X-wing. Not only was he surprised, but so was his advanced R2 unit sitting behind him! It is the new, top secret Empire Scimitar Bomber he had just heard of! Not only capable of flying heavy bombing missions, but dog fighting as well. As the Blue 7 Pilot thinks in milliseconds… a thought occurs… “It’s time to prove the Empire WRONG!”

Using the Blue Screen photos of the R.L. Bleecker build of BLUE 7, and the blue screen photos of the large scale Scimitar Bomber by Sovereign Replicas, master artist Peter Noble once again gives us a imaginative site beyond the story we all know well!

To view this piece in it’s full resolution, please click the photo below…



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