PERSISTENT Class Star Destroyers – Model and Composites by R.L. Bleecker

One of the most wonderful things about modeling is creative thinking. A way for each of us to use our imagination to add what we each may wish to see of the things we enjoy. Scratch building is one of these ways of modeling that shows great imagination and expressionism!

Professional modeling artist R.L. Bleecker decided to build his own version of a Star Destroyer based on some of the work he did while serving in The United States Navy. He decided to build a small Star Destroyer (he calls a ‘Cutter’) that precedes an attack force to jam all communication in the area! A VERY nice design that has Star Wars… and the EMPIRE truly exuding about it! The model turned out so well that Mr. Bleecker also did some com positing of the piece in with existing Star Destroyers,… as part of a Battle Group! And what a beautiful job he did!

Did I forget to mention how huge this model is?!! Per his composites and detail on it, what would you imagine it to be? Your answer… in all it’s amazing glory is 6 inches long! That’s right! ONLY 6 inches long! Amazing work by an amazing artist!

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