“Peril of a Wounded Bird” Diorama by Kenneth Gogan & Mike Stewart

Using Revell kits of the Viper and Cylon Raider, master modeler Kenneth Gogan did this beautiful diorama build for a friend and client! As shown earlier on this Gallery, the Viper was made to be that of Zak Adama’a from TOS and movie Battlestar Galactica… where Zak and Apollo find an armada of Cylon’s ready to wipe out the Human race under a banner of peace. Needless to say… as Zak’s high engine is damaged, he ends up being the first casualty of the battle. Shown here, flying low above a rocky basin (built by modeler Mike Stewart) Zak looks back in fear as his final moments come down to none. A beautiful piece by professional modeler  Ken Gogan and Mike Stewart!

Picture 011

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