“Only Hope” Composite Art by R.L. Bleecker

Just after coming out of hyperspace, and just before the pursuing Devastator Star Destroyer enters the outer rim system to capture her, Princess Leia and her loyal Rebel crew prepare for the worst. Carrying the stolen plans to the Death Star to the Rebel base is now not the mission being that the Empire is right on her heals. Leia knows that Obi-wan Kenobi lives on the planet Tatooine and is now having Captain Antilles push her families vessel, the Tantive, beyond it’s engines limits to reach the area on Tatooine she may contact Kenobi. It is too late! The ominous Empire Star Destroyer Devastator is now soon to be on top of them…. with the only hope being sent down to surface below in the data banks of one little droid and his self preserving golden companion.

Using the photos of the fantastic build he did himself (SEEN HERE) from the Randy Cooper Kit (SEEN HERE), professional modeler R.L. Bleecker brought this scene to life from Star Wars – A New Hope.

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Only Hope-sized

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