NYDENION Desktop WALLPAPER Release #2 from Magna Mana Production

nydenionlogoJack Moik of Magna Mana Production has decided to release fantastic desktop wallpapers of their fantastic ship designs in the highly anticipated upcoming film NYDENION!

Here is what Jack has to tell of their SECOND release…

Here is the second Wallpaper. It’s the Repulse, one of the Sykon Navy
battleships in the movie. I started building the miniature almost 20 years
ago, later in 2004 when we had the model shop studio, we finished it with a
crew of 5 model builders. The model is almost 4 feet long and is build from
styrene and detailed with thousands of model-kit parts. It is lit with 2
small neon tubes and almost 200 feet of fiber optics.

By the way, regarding an old model builders tradition, I have added some
jokes onto the miniature…look close there is an anchor somewhere at the

Things are processing very good, the film will be soon available in Germany.
In 2 weeks we have a screening on a festival here. The international release
will be also soon ofter the German release.

Best wishes,

Jack Moik

Magna Mana Production



To view this piece in it’s large size, please click directly on it…


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