NYDENION – A New Science Fiction Film Coming Soon from Magna Mana Productions!


Recently revealed to me by known VFX industry artist Jack Moik, this new film looks to have everything needed to be a great hit with sci-fi fans!

Here is the storyline…

In the distant future, mankind has spread out into space.

Over the course of centuries the early colonies have evolved into giant empires, battling for supremacy.

The Sycon Empire is at war with the Confederation of Free Worlds.
In the last 57 years, the death toll has risen to the billions. Peace is long forgotten and earth is just a legend…

Rick Walker, former figher pilot turned disillusioned freelance flyer is hired to transport a mysterious woman to a place of a secret peace negotiations. The woman – Cynthia Perkins – claims to be a special ambassador who was called upon in secrecy to bring the stalling negotiations back on track.

On their way, Walker and Perkins are ambushed by a group of attack fighters and Walker is forced to crash land on a remote planet called Nydenion. As they try to evade the search parties send out to make sure that no one survived the crash, Perkins reveals how important their mission really is.

Walkers and Perkins’ journey becomes a fight against time and an enemy that seems to come from the ranks of their own military, an enemy that Walker knows all to well…

And here is a short 1 minute video trailer…


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Here are some scenes from this new, exciting film…







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