NEWS!! Master Replicas Acquisitioned by FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT

This just came across my desk today! Master Replicas has been acquired by Factory Entertainment for a new future of items!

Here is what they have to say…


Factory Entertainment Announces Acquisition of “Master Replicas®” and Foresees a Bright Future for the Brand

LONDON—(BUSINESS WIRE) – Master Replicas, the iconic collectibles brand long associated with top quality prop replicas, is now under new control and management. Factory Entertainment has completed a deal to take over control of the Master Replicas Brand and IP from previous owner Hong Kong based Corgi International Ltd. (CIL). In addition to the brand and IP, Factory Entertainment will also control certain designs and  tools used for products previously produced by Corgi under the Master Replicas brand name. Factory Entertainment, a new collectibles entity formed by industry veteran Darren Epstein, founder of Cards Inc. and a previous employee of Corgi, will focus its efforts on growing the Master Replicas brand with authentic, relevant prop collectibles with strong secondary market appeal.

Darren Epstein commented “The brand continues to resonate as the market leader in its field and we believe that a new team of people can reboot the brand with a fresh approach and new licenses as a part of the Factory Entertainment family. We intend to announce new licenses for the Master Replicas brand as well as certain others that the company will release under the Factory Entertainment brand name. Our goal will be to synergize the two brands to bring collectible product to market with a broad appeal across a broad price range.” Factory Entertainment is a toy and collectibles company with headquarters in London and offices in California. The company designs, develops and markets licensed products under the “Factory Entertainment” and “Master Replicas” brand names.

For More Information, Contact:

Darren Epstein

Barry Eldridge
(925) 588-8843 PST Time Zone

Factory Entertainment
Unit 418, Centennial Park,
Elstree, Herts
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 208 236 9060
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