New Korbanth DV6v3 sabers launch now live

Darth Vader DV6v3 hilt now available for purchase

The new Korbanth DV6v3 is now released for purchase live – This very popular hard to find EP6 Dark Lord saber now supports removeable chassis and you can purchase in either Empty hilt or 3 levels of installed product, – ECO chassis or the ECO-Crystal Chassis or the limited Goth3D master elite 99% metal chassis

now available for ordering at

Also, now available – for 2023 – saber coins are now included in every empty or installed lightsaber order – there will be a different coin each month – collect all 12 silver or gold coins – Silver coins in empty hilts and gold coins in installed hilts – collect 12 silver coins over the course of 2023, and get a $500 korbanth Giftcard, and collect 12 gold coins over 2023 and get a $1000 korbanth Gift card good towards anything we offer



Randy Johnson


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