Have you ever wanted to OWN some of the items you see in Collections, Museums and Galleries all over the world… especially in this exciting world of Science Fiction?!! Here is your chance! This NEW area of the online Gallery now brings some of these pieces direct to you from their current owners! Be them offered from private collections, public displays… or even brand new… anything offered in this area will be *TOP NOTCH!

To view this new area, just click on the banner below (which is also located on the top of the HOME page of this Gallery).


AUCTION Capabilities Coming Soon!

To submit an item to be placed up for sale in this PREMIUM area, please click on the SUBMIT button below to email me details with photos. I will let you know if it is appropriate for this area, or if we should place it in the Collection Alert area. Ether way…we have a place for your item you wish to make available to the public.


Once an item has been SOLD, it will be pulled from the area in order to

keep it clean for the items that are for sale.

Please sell and purchase responsibly.

Please note that Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic ( and it’s owner Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global, inc.) is only the host for these sales and is not responsible for any transactions, or happenings regarding these pieces or sales of these pieces/items. Though I show these pieces for free to the public for those offering them, we have nothing to do with them. As such… both the seller and purchaser must take care of their business together… on and of their own accord. Should we find that either is not honorable… should it be the seller… we will pull the item and that seller will be banned from this Gallery for life. Should it be the purchaser… that person, people, or entity will also be banned from any future offerings shown on this Gallery. Emails received to, or through Modeler Magic WILL be made available to BOTH parties should the legal need arise.

*TOP NOTCH meaning quality as determined by my inspection of the photos and description submitted to me through email. As such I cannot guarantee the actual REAL condition of the item being purchased. That will always be between the purchaser and the seller. Aside from showing the item, or piece for sale from the seller,.. Modelers, Miniatures and Magic (it’s owners and parent companies) accept no liabilities from it’s sale, or deal made between the seller and purchaser. Once a person submits and item for sale, or purchases that item shown on this Gallery Site, they agree to all statements above as legal and binding in a court of law.

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