Museum of Science Fiction’s Steve Dreyer Shows His Builds & Collection, and Offer’s Invitation!!

Artist Steve Dreyer’s name may sound familiar to you. It should becase he is the Subcommittee Chairman of Model Construction for the Museum of Science Fiction in Washington DC!! Steve obviously has talent… and a beautiful collection. Being the Chairman of Model Construction for the Museum, he is tasked with finding artists that wish to place their talents on display in the Museum. If you have interest, please contact him! This is a great opportunity for talented artists!! Below are some of his own builds… and collection…


I wanted to send a long overdue follow-up to our last conversation! I’ve attached a few pics of my work-all the SW kits are the Fine Molds ones I mentioned and are really well engineered-I highly recommend them!
Also, I think I may have mentioned this before but we’re on the lookout for some models to be temporarily donated for a ‘mini-exhibit’ at a prominent location in the DC area for approx. 6 months starting in early 2015. In particular, we’re hoping to get something related to ‘2001′, but if not, something that has a big WOW factor—something that can get folks excited about the Museum. I would be open for any modelers in particular that might be open to that to contact me! I think we should be able to arrange for all shipping and transportation as well.

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Steve Dreyer

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.



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