MPC X-Wing – Customized Build by Roberto Aguilera

The MPC X-Wing has always been one many have built over the years. Being introduced to Modeler Magic today is an artist that has turned one of these kits into a piece that is museum worthy! Artist Roberto Aguilera! This is one of the best MPC re-do’s I have seen yet!




I just finished a long term project. I took the MPC X wing, redid the paneling, details , back of the fuselage, then years later I did the full scratch wings, you know silicone molds, castings, metal tube guns, and then four months ago I finished the cockpit, pilot and 3 months of paint job…hope you like it,


The Finished BuildRA_FINAL_004





Almost Done!!


Painting the X-Wing


Wet Transfer




Roberto Aguilero

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