MPC Eagle build by SMT

More fantastic work from Colin at SMT! Great stuff!

This is the MPC/Ertl Eagle transporter. I have used about 90% of the kit along with adding a few things and reworking some sections. Overall the kits is not as bad as it looks initially and builds into a very nice replica with a little effort.
The hanger seen in this images is not quite finished yet, but is coming along nicely. These are lightweight .060 vacuumform panels.

I will be doing a more detailed build up of this model, but in the meantime…

Main things I added/modified…

Create hollow cages from the kit parts and created corridors to go inside with raised detail including the doors.
I added a door to the back of the head and created a more correct profile to the back of the head. The head is removable and will feature an interior (in progress).
I corrected the two landing gear pods to re-arrange their details for face correctly. I added better looking landing gear though i left the feet alone.
Added the Saturn V baffles to the engines.
The middle pod has an interior (not quite complete) that slides in and out with the base.
I created and added chrome thruster nozzles on the command head and recreated the majority of decals used on Eagle 2. All work/parts were created by me in house at SMT.

Sincerely, Colin Omilusik
Scale Model Technologies

SMT MPC Eagle rework (6)-sized



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Colin Omilusik


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