Moebius GALACTICA Desktop build by Marc Elkins

Known artist Marc Elkins recently sent me these photos of his desktop model build of the Moebius GAL kit. He has this to say…


Here are some pics of the newly released Moebius classic BSG. I picked one up last week for fun and to see how nice it is, and to my surprise its very good! I built it in three days as a static quick build… nothing fancy. I just wanted to see how good the model is. In some of the pics you can see the famous matte painting in the bays, yes these come with the kit, they are exact replicas scaled down smaller than a dime! This is a great kit that a lot of people are crazy about, I did not use the decals for all the red stripes as they are too bright red and never form well at edges so I painted all of them and gave the model a slight wash to bring out the detail. The bridge was the only part that needs reworking and is the complaint of the people building it so I rebuilt it to be accurate in shape and how it sits on the nose, this is the first box kit I’ve built in years, but its Galactica! Darlene asked why I even bothered buying it when we have the 84 inch monster build in my living room….and I said again “Its Galactica”!! It makes a very nice desk top replica.




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Marc Elkins



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