“Final Act of Courage” – a POV Composite Artwork by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

As they race down the Death Star Trench at unbelievable speeds that only the best pilots would be able to handle, especially while being pursued closely by the Dark Lord himself, Biggs Darklighter suddenly feels the pressure as Wedge has to pull out of the Trench from behind him. Now the only object that stands between the Dark Lord, and his best friend Luke… as well as the Rebels last hope for survival, is he. Realizing that his end is near, he calls to his friend “HURRY LUKE!” as he quickly banks his T-65 port and starboard to confuse the closely pursuing trio on his six, and potentially block any of their fire that may hit Luke. As if he were speaking directly to the Dark Lord Vader, he yells “Wait!…. WAIT!” just as Vader envelopes Biggs fighter in the beautiful green of his laser volley…. consuming Biggs, and his fighter in a glorious orange and red ball of fire. Luke realizes the amazing sacrifice his friend just made for him,… the Rebel Alliance,… and the entire free universe….. all the while thinking to himself… ‘time to finish this’. The Force IS strong with this one!

Once again, using the photos of the amazing RED 5 build (SEEN HERE), and RED 3 build (SEEN HERE) for Capt Drew Sheppard by master artist R.L. Bleecker, and grabbing a recognizable frame from Star Wars – A New Hope, I was able to re-create the scene described above.

To view this piece in it’s large size… please click directly on it…


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