KUBRICK Exhibition DISCOVERY Command Module by Atomic City, Now in the Kuhn Global Collection

Well….. can you tell I am happy?!! This piece is beautiful… and the other 9.5 feet of it will be coming to the collection in the next three months to recreate the full 11 foot studio model. Thank you Scott!


In 2004, I supplied an 11-foot Discovery model to the Kubrick Archive Exhibition, for what was supposed to be a single show at the Deutches Film Museum in Frankfurt, Germany. During that showing, arrangements were made for the Exhibition to travel to other venues, including Berlin, Paris, Rome, Zurich, Melbourne, Gent, Amsterdam, Krakow, Sao Paolo, and Los Angeles. This model was a part of all the shows over the next 10 years.

When the Exhibition was in Los Angeles in 2012, I evaluated the model, to see how it had stood up to being shipped all over the world and I was surprised to see very little damage had occurred. But, the model needed to be completely repainted. The people in charge of the exhibit said they’d find a time when the model could be sent to me for refurbishment and that finally happened in late August of this year.

The model arrived and I worked on it until the middle of October, when it was finished and sent back. One thing I was not expecting to do was to replace the Command Module assembly! They wanted to have lights in the flight deck, which could not be done in the existing CM without risking breakage. So, I made a new CM assembly for the model, with lights. That is the version of the model currently on exhibit in Toronto.

The photos here show the model as it was displayed in the original show in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, and and another location. The photo of the CM against black was taken before the doors had been installed. The CM has not been refurbished, the original paint is intact and this piece is now in Kurt Kuhn’s Collection for all to view at Modeler Magic.

Scott Alexander


Photos below are taken from open online sources. I managed to obtain the names of a few of the photographers…. George Pimentel and Emily Nguyen… and of course Scott and myself. Yes.. of course I am smiling!














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Scott Alexander


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