Korbanth Kenobi, Reva and Nari (hangman installed sabers) limited release


3 new saber designs based on our favorite show Obiwan Kenobi from the last year

Desert Wanderer v2 w/ the Crystal reveal chassis

Retribution / Reva saber with double bladed installed circular hilt

Hangman / Nari the slain Jedi

If your a fan of the characters, Kenobi and Reva, and even that poor jedi Nari that ended up hung in the town square by the inquisitors, now you can own some rare replica sabers of these 3 saber users – Desert wanderer is a re-release from our famous kenobi saber from last summer and now with a crystal reveal removable core chassis.

Reva the Retribution and Hangman hilts, designed by Shadowfoil Props are both very limited, and only 5 installed REVA and 10 installed Hangman are being produced and it will be the end of the run, so you only have this occasion to put these into your collection, they are the last of their batch.

Note – photo below of the installed Retribution used by permission from Jeremy of SoloSabers – showing off 1 of possibly the only installed retribution saber, so now you can join the elite club of installed Reva saber owners if you act quick

Installed Reva retribution saber
Retribution Empty installable saber
Desert Wanderer Empty hilt - clean or weathered
Installed Hangman Nari
Empty hilt Hanglam


Again, thank you again for continuing to check out our saber hilts, models, costumes and other Sci-fi items that we know you love and need in your collection. We value you all and hope we can keep offering cool new items

coming later in the summer, the cool korbanth branded exclusive “The Geonosian” saber hilts – heres some previews of the dark and light side versions.



Randy Johnson




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