Klingon Cha’Luch designed & built by Gary Wallace

Here is another great design by artist Garry Wallace! He has taken the already menacing look of the Klingon vessels and made it even more so! I love the angles and curves complimenting each other to give this piece a very cynical look! Perfect for the Klingon Empire as we know it! A beautiful piece from Gary Wallace!

Here is what Gary has to say about this creation…

This is the Klingon D-117 Cha’luch (Assassins dagger) TAC Cruiser. This ship has been repainted and rebuilt several times and the wing plates keep coming apart. I was lucky to get these pics before my WRECK  happened. If you need more pics of this ship just let me know, the green was washed out in the pics but not that bad lookin though.  This was the MAIN ship (out of 3 Klingon ships) bein chased by my Task force in the display. The Cha’luch was considered (in my Trek) to be the most dangerous new class to be released since the Cloaked firing BOP.  Exact stardate for this ship is cloudy…I’d put it at the ending of the Enterprise class era, so the Cha’luch could match the upgraded Excelsior class thus the need for the prototypes that P.T. yards created to counter such threats.


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