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Stargate Atlantis City Kit

—  35 cm / 13.8″ Kit (Does Not Include Electronics): $400

—  20 cm / 7.9″ Kit: $220

—  16 cm / 6.3″ Kit: $195

—  9 cm / 3.5″ Kit: $110

Shown in the photo gallery below is the 35cm model KIT of Atlantis City from Stargate Atlantis. There are just two parts which can be lighted. For the bottom engines there is no need for any adjustments because the material transmits light and a LED strip would work as a charm. For the buildings a little skill is needed – we drilled the holes from bottom to the buildings which we wanted to be lighted and then also to each building very small holes for the fiber optics. As you can see on the finished model photos we illuminated 31 buildings, 56 LED were used (7x3mm, 18xSMD on strips, 31x SMD 5050), 11 circuit boards and 229 fiber optic cables.

There will be version 2 on which we will be working soon. The version 2 will have some change in design, it would have different buildings, different details to match the most used CGI model in SGA and it will be better prepared for lighting because the buildings will be separate and interlocking. However, to develop the second version we will need some additional resources that we will get by selling this first version. So In advance, we thank all serious buyers.

Price for the 35cm KIT (does not contain any electronics): $400
Shipping is worldwide for $20.


Stargate Atlantis TOWER Kit

1/10,000 scale at  12 cm / 4.7″ Tall Kit: $170

Price does not contain any electronics or the grass and moss

Atlantis is a city-sized starship built by the race of the Ancients. It wasn’t the only one, they had many cities before their civilization fell due to the war with a powerful enemy. The central spire of such a city was a control center.

This model was inspired by the episode “The Tower” where a similar city is buried underground and only the central spire remains visible.

Shipping is worldwide for $10.


Stargate Atlantis – AURORA Class Ship Kit

—  21 cm / 8.2″ Kit (Does Not Include Electronics): $240

—  16 cm / 6.3″ Kit: $165

—  9 cm / 3.5″ Kit: $110

This is the Aurora class ship model KIT from Stargate Atlantis. There are three main parts and four clear engine ends parts. You can illuminate the model with LED lights however modeling skills are required. See photos for the finished model with and without LEDs. The model without LED is one piece only and those are available as well.

21 cm Kit Shipping is worldwide for $20.
Price for the KIT does not contain any electronics.


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